Herradura Mexican Bar and Grill is...

Herradura Mexican Bar & Grill is located in Evansville, IN. Our extensive menu is heavily influenced by the region Jalisco, Mexico where you will be able to find diverse spices. We also have a large selection of classic dishes that have our own twist.



Our number one priority...

Our number one priority, here at Herradura, is customer service. We believe that heart of every restaurant is its clientele, so we strive to have ever one of them leave glad that they chose us for their meal time. 



Once you enter our restaurant...

Once you enter our restaurant you will also quickly find that we find great value in the presentation of our establishment. From imported murals that cover our walls, locally created woodwork, vintage furniture, hand made items, and elaborate hand painted designs that span our entire facility.  




Herradura translates in English to "Horseshoe". The horseshoe is a symbol for good luck, which is what we wish for all of our customers.

We are very much looking forward to your visit!